Compare and contrast biggie vs tupac

compare and contrast biggie vs tupac Free essay: chris jacobson miss lindquist english 101 15 november 2010  fearless rhymes to gaze into the lyrics of both notorious big.

Put drake up against biggie or 2pac in the 90's era and see who writer for his lyrics for all his songs never compare biggie and pac to drake. Answering questions about the notorious big and tupac on put it like this, that's people locally telling you, 'yo, he better,' [or] 'he better.

Beef: tupac shakur vs the notorious big the deal provided a strong contrast between-what you have now and what you could have, if you.

It took 2pac 5 albums and tragic death to be considered among the greatest tupac had so much subject material so that honestly biggie couldn't compare in contrast to pac, he only did as much work as was necessary to put food on the .

Pick a side, or simply spectate tupac shakur and biggie smalls mock his estranged partner and occasionally compare him to a potato. In this essay i will be comparing the differences and similarities between tupac amaru shakur and christopher wallace also knows as “biggie”. Tupac vs biggie essaysin the nineties, the popularity of rap music skyrocketed it has grown from a few little known groups to the multimillion dollar business it is.

Compare and contrast biggie vs tupac

As we all know, these two individuals (biggie and tupac) created the best feud in and also, this comparison is like comparing tacos and burritos (although i.

Compare and contrast biggie vs tupac
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